Spaces available for hire


is situated on the first floor of the château and is suitable for organising large social events, concerts, wedding ceremonies, receptions, cocktail parties, theatre performances, gala evenings, banquets, and auctions.
Maximum capacity: 200 guests.
virtual tour of the Imperial Hall


is located on the first floor of the château and decorated with ceiling murals. It can be used as a base for catering as well as a VIP salon.
Maximum capacity: 40 guests.
virtual tour of the Marble Hall


The lounges are located on the first floor of the château, decorated with ceiling murals and used as VIP salons.
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belong to the utility buildings of the château, located in the northern part of the château gardens, on the left to the château’s main entrance. Their original painting decorations and marble flooring have been fully preserved. The Stables are suitable for organising smaller-scale social events, receptions, cocktail parties and gala evenings.
Maximum capacity: 180 guests.
virtual tour of the Stables


offer a fine view of the château and its surroundings, the vineyards with the chapel of St Clara, the Vltava River and the Imperial Island (Císařský ostrov). The gardens consist of three parts: French Garden, orchard with a hornbeam maze, and the main courtyard. The gardens also include a two-winged Baroque staircase decorated with scenes from the Gigantomachy depicting Olympian gods triumphing over the Titans, several smaller fountains, as well as a central fountain with sculptures of Triton. The main courtyard includes utility buildings with extensive cloisters.
The gardens can be booked for social events as a whole, and individual areas are also available for hire.
Maximum capacity: 500 guests.
virtual tour of the gardens